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To kill flys, bees, hornets and wasps, spray with Windex. On housefly's it usually only takes a small whiff to knock them out of the air and kill them. Wasps will fall right away too but you may need to hit them with another dose. Ants can be discouraged by spraying around doors and windows as well as on the ants themselves though I think there are other products that work better for them... it's not bad in a pinch. :)

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for ants, just sprinkle some baby powder around where they are and they will lose the scent of whatever has their interest


This absolutely does NOT work! Don't waste your Windex!


It worked to drop them out of the air for easy swatting but it does not kill them

Liz P.

This is exactly what I do. The windows get clean and flies are dead. I'm looking for something I can put outside my house and windows so they don't want to come in.


Oh, yes, it does work. And it is a better solution than filling the house with insecticides.


i just tried this, and wow does it ever work! i just killed about 10 flies that were flying around my bedroom. thanks for this :) i will go out and buy some actual bug spray to get rid of the babies, but for now, i will be using windex on as many bugs as i find in the house!


I had a babysitter and she has ALOT of flies in the backyard. she got a ziplock bag and filled them up with water... took a hanger, and hung them around her back porch. flies were very rare afterwards.


WORKS GREAT ! washed my windows, as i killed the flies ! thank YOU.


Works amazingly well! I just had a fly massacre in my house. Thank you!


Seriously the easiest. Most flies fell out of the air within 1-3 sprays. I followed up with a paper towel and bamn! An apartment full of 30+ flies were dead in gone in under an hour.

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