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Have a grasshopper (not a cricket) bite the wart. The brown juice they spit on it will make it fall off! Mine was gone the next day.

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Sounds crazy but i promise it works! Done it once when i was kid

crazy stuff

I've witnessed someone using a katydid also she had a wart on her hand she held it buy the wart it did the rest on its on and it worked i thought it sounded crazy but it actually does work lol

Pam Williams

This worked for me when I was a kid. Another kid talked me into letting the grasshopper bit a patch of warts I had on my knee. They all disappeared very quickly.


My sister-in-law was suffering from a wart between her toes. A relative cought a grasshopper (dark color, not green), held it from the neck(?) and the hopper bit her painfully, a few seconds later, it secreted a foam when dried resembled a snail trace. Next day a scab fell off removing the wart and healing the fissure next to it. I couldn't believe hearing the strange story until I accidentally found this page.

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