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Have a grasshopper (not a cricket) bite the wart. The brown juice they spit on it will make it fall off! Mine was gone the next day.

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crack heads let crickets bit them

u ARE nuts


like most all grasshoppers, can also regurgitate recently consumed plant material. This regurgitant is mostly liquid and has a dark brown color. This is commonly referred to as 'tobacco spit.' The tobacco spit is partially digested food material along with some semi-toxic compounds from the insect's crop region. This substance can easily stain clothing.
So maybe this is a key??? semi- toxic it says. its not a weird thing to try at all maybe our insect friends produce the cure.


how do you get a grasshopper to bite you?


since we are taking crazy why not use a spider. the digestive exzyme from the bite will disolve the tissue of the wart.
dont try that. just kidding

Phil Gardner

I had genital warts, so I tried this and it actually works GREAT!!! I'm still trying to explain to my neighbors, why I was standing in my backyard, naked, with a Grasshopper biting my pecker!!! But hell…….my warts are gone, so who cares??? And although this won't cure them once they occur like the Grasshopper, having a Cricket nibble your privates about once a month, is a great way to prevent warts!!! But Damn does it ever tickle!!! Give it a try!!!


Where do people come up with these things??? I haven't seen a grasshopper in ages where I live. If I'll see one, I'll let it bite me...


If you want to rid yourself of a wart, the easiest way is to take fingernail clippers and cut off as much as you can possibly cut and eat it. I am serious. Warts are viruses on the outside of the body where our blood cells cannot kill them. If you introduce that into the system, it will fall off. I have done this several times and it has always worked flawlessly for me.


Nevertheless, it makes some sense. I asked once to a biologist why the elders always recommend to go for a frog or bugs like that to get rid of warts.

Apparently those animals have lots of bacterias and other microorganisms and they trigger an infection in the affected tissue. The body reacts and kill the infection by eliminating the tissue. The wart falls away.

I've now genital warts - don't know where they came - and besides the medical treatment I'm looking for extra help of the nature... but I don't like the idea of having a grasshopper biting my groin.

j plant

the grasshopper really makes the wart go away

true story

Sounds crazy, but it works. Let one of my kids convince me to let a grasshopper bite and spit on a finger wart, 4 days later it fell off. Had the wart for 7 month prior. No pain experienced.

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