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I would like to thank everyone who posted about using apple cider vinegar to get rid of plantar warts. I had never had a plantar wart until one suddenly appeared on my finger about 6 weeks ago. I had no idea what it was at first. I thought it might have been some kind of foreign body, so after it had been there a few days I took a scalpel blade and trimmed it flat. I was horrified to wake up 2 days later to see it was completely back. Someone at work told me it looked like a plantar wart, and when I Googled plantar warts I found this website. I called to make an appointment with a dermatologist, but decided to try the apple cider vinegar treatment in the meantime, as I figured it couldn't hurt and I couldn't get in to see the dermatologist for several weeks. I soaked a small piece of cotton in the vinegar, placed it on the wart, and covered it with a bandaid. I changed the cotton and bandaid twice a day. After a few days of this, I was very distraught when I removed the bandaid in the morning to see that the thickened area on the periphery of the wart was about 3 times the size it had been before I started the treatment. However, after I took the bandaid off for the day it went back to the original size. So I started using the vinegar and bandaid during the day, and leaving it off at night so the peripheral swelling would go down. Today, which is the 5th day of using the vinegar, the entire thickened area and the central dark core is gone! There's still a flat whitish area remaining, so I'm going to use the vinegar for a few more days to make sure I got it all. I can't believe such a simple household product got rid of this disgusting thing! So again, thank you everyone for posting about this home remedy!

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Plantar warts only appear on the soles of feet. Maybe it was another type of wart as there are plenty.

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