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Take a rag, cloth, wash cloth, anything and dip it in very hot water, place it over desired place and leave for at least a minute, then take a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, (if you're doing it on your face, be VERY cautious of, eyes and mouth) and rub it into your skin gently. Afterwards splash your face with a bit of cold water. Do it at least twice a day.
Instead of using rags or something you could also just rinse your face with hot water, but the rag allows it to sit and open up the pores.
It worked for me and I saw results in three to four days. I've figured out it works best for pimples and not black heads (because black heads are under the skin, hint the hot water to help open up your pores.) The cold water is to help close your pores before more bacteria, dead skin, and dirt can come into them.
Hope I could help <3 (:

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This might treat acne but by putting alcohol on ur skin your drying it out and damaging the skin. it can lead to premature ageing and oil build up

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