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My husband suffered from repeated mouth ulcers (not cancer patient)for many years(20 yrs). He would have many ulcers and then they would heal.He also has constipation problem on and off. we didnt link it together until i read a article about lip beauty.can you believe it? no doctor was able to find out but if he tries and combats constipation, he wont have. And wen he suffers from constipation he will have it again. Also, i have seen my grand parents and people their age wash their mouth (gargle and spit water) after using restroom. They say it removes some bad stuff (I am from India) . Guess what, if he tries doing it the ulcers heal fast. I think, there could be many factors for mouth ulcers. But hope this helps someone.

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I rarely comment on grammar and spelling, but damn. Please purchase a dictionary,or just type your comment in Word first.


I concur... doesn't make any sense


Have you tired speaking in Indian recently and getting the grammar correct. Give this woman a break, it's not her native tongue.

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