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I know an easy way to get rid of acne easy! I got this from a MODEL!
Tips to get rid of acne:
Crush some garlic as much as you can, and take the actual juice from the garlic and dab it on your pimple. A bit strong, but it works.
Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of basil and and dip it into boiling water. Wait 20 minutes, and take the liquid and dab it on your blemish.
Dab honey directly onto your pimple or on all your face.

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Make sure before you do this you wash ur face. otherwise when you close your pores, you'll be locking the dirt in them!


if i use the honey how long would i leave it on? (the acne is mostly on my back and face)


Its me. You leave the honey on for 15-20 min and rinse.


are these all different ways? or do we do these one after another?


These are different ways.


which one works the best from personal experience?


Hey CyCy!! Haha. I suffer with acne on my face, chest and back, and its extremely embarassing!!! Would this work on my chest and back??? Thanks my dear<3 please reply!!!(:

CyCy lol

I think so Cutie! Lol it hasn't been tested so try it to see if it works!


can you do this without basil


CyCy do you have any other simple thing or something????? Like i dont kno jus somthing and are you really the sister of DreiDrei or whatever????

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