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The trick to losing weight is making yourself feel full. Part of this is contributed to the taste buds. If you eat something plain and bleah your tastebuds will tell you to eat more because they want flavor. What I like to do is take a hunk of cheese and put it on a fork. A very small hunk of cheese. I use the little laughing cow circles that come in net bags. I hold one end of the cheese in the candle flame and wait till it is just about to drip(it will be black, but that is the smoke, not burnt cheese)then eat the sizzling part of the cheese. It will have a nice smoky flavour. Keep doing that till all the cheese is gone. Your tastebuds and your stomach will be full, even if you were starving before. Also, if you must have a dessert, eat a piece of fruit. Everyone groans because that sounds tough. But there are many varieties of fruit that are easy to eat you don't have to stick to strawberries, grapes, and apples! Instead of peeling a kiwi, cut it in half and use a spoon. If you like peaches, nectarines are similar but have edible skin. Blueberries are great and enexpensive. Start out eating a piece of fruit and a cookie, then cut it down to just fruit. Your tastebuds will change and you won't mind the fruit, especially if you have variety. Enjoy!

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