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THANK YOU so very much for creating this blog/archive!!!!!!!!!!

I have had GH (diagnosed as HSV1) since 1988. Initially I had ONE MAJOR outbreak back then, two weeks after entering into a physical relationship with a man I had been seeing for about two months. That said, I had horrible pain and discomfort and thought that I had a tear in the back of my vagina. Low and behold, when I went to the GYN she tested me and I was diagnosed with HSN1 -- being 18 yrs old at the time was not helpful, as this was absolutely devastating to me! He was 8 years older than me and had an ex wife (he was recently separated) and a two year old daughter...

I was obviously young at the time and was undereducated about these types of viruses. I went home and told him about the diagnosis and he stated it was absurd. Well, at the time he wasn't aware that I was explaining it was simplex 1 -- which was caused by oral and was then transferred to me that way. He had frequent outbreaks of fever-blisters and just discarded them as if it were nothing. Back then, I had no clue that those little things were actually HSV1. Anyway, I had one outbreak 5 years after that, and another one about 5 years after that. I treated myself back then with tea tree oil because I was very familiar with it and the medicinal properties. I have NOT had any obs since 1998-99 until just this past week and OMG how I had forgotten the pain associated with it.

I take multi-vitamins daily, 1000mg of vitamin C, inter-muscular B, eat a lot of yogurt and liquid vitamin D3 twice a week. Over the past two weeks, I haven't been drinking water as I normally do and failed to take the vitamin C. In just two weeks -- I ended up with an ob. I was and have been in so much pain since Tuesday it's been unbearable and in fact, I have taken a low dose pain pill for it(because it hurt that bad!) NOTHING was helping and vinegar and tea tree were bringing tears to my eyes. :(

That said, I found this WONDERFUL page and just this morning read through again about the remedies you all have shared. Well... I left straight to the pharmacy and got the following:
vagasil satin
and mixed together the paste! WOW already! I am PAIN and ITCH free... not burning either.

Additionally, I did get a personal douche bag and hydrogen peroxide 3% and douched 50/50 water and peroxide. I am feeling pretty darn good! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR SHARING!!!!!!!!!! WOW! You all are incredible and I hate it for all of us that we suffer through this pain however, I do eat right and knowing what I have now learned... I will NEVER skip my vitamin C again... I am doubling up on it right now.

I will report back and let everyone know how long it takes to 'heal'. Based on how I am feeling, I am guessing about two days.

Much Love and Blessings to All!

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After day one... the OB and symptoms are almost 100% gone! GONE.... I knew it! TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!! What an awesome remedy! Thank you all once again! WOW!



Not gone yet! Over the weekend I haven't had much sleep and I had a huge stress slammed on me Saturday night... I feel this is gonna create prolonged agony for me. I need it to go away now... any ideas? HELP!


how much of each one of those do you mix together? is there somewhere you can find the exact amounts to make this paste?

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