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One has to really consult a doctor to get a reliable and expert advice. i got rid of mine by using OxyFend Zerowarts. it's also what my doctor recommended. it is really effective. tried it myself.

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I wouldn't even bother posting this but I tried every ridiculous method on the web from Duck Tape to Corn Removers...Here is the way to do it 100%!!!!!:

Take a lighter to a metal object (I used a flat head jewelers screwdriver) for about 5 to 10 seconds. Gently scrape the Wart from left to right and watch it peel away. That's it!!!! No pain and it's gone. I put anti-fungal cream on after and gone! Hope this helps you like it helped me.......NO LIE


Does this work for geniatal warts on your penis?? please let me know thx

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