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Okay, so as of right now i do have a canker sore, its is the most painful thing ever! So i litterly spent an hour google-ing anything to make this go away! So i came upon this page, and read every single one of these posts and i tried almost everything, using the things i had in my house, and what worked was amazing:

Take an asprin pill (i used bayer) and place it on the sore untill it dissolves, then rinse out your mouth with warm water to get all the asprin grit out of your mouth. Next take warm water and add LOTS of salt, swish it around then repeat however many times you like (it will sting for a bit but well worth it!)

Ive used this at this moment, and i can finally eat! Hope this works so nobody has to suffer with these painful lil suckers!

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Maria I.

I just tried your remedy - wanting to use something different. Haven't had these in quite some time but needed this quick remedy and the pain has dissipated. (I noticed that I had not one but two and a pinsized hole which was bleeding nearby.) Thanks so much.


Sorry, but it's 'literally,' not 'litterly.'


I have heard of putting asprin directly on the infected area, but the problem with that is the asprin is actually eating at your tissue in your mouth. It does work though!


I was in so much pain before I read this today. I did everything you said you did and now the pain is totally gone. I ran to the store right after I read this. I bought some Bayer and shortly after it melted I realized she sold me expired Bayer, but it still worked haha. I had to come back to this site to thank you. I can eat and talk now. THANK YOU!


Just tried this and it reduced the swelling of mine (located in the back of my mouth near my molar). Rinsing with salt water now, and am glad I tried this formula.


I used M.O.M, no burning! Then 1 baby aspirin, no burning...good relief! In between, warm salt water..ugh. And...Anbesol. Except for the baby aspirin, use all these remedies as neededkk.

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