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Get a pillow from your bed and lay down on it with the pillow under your stomach. It will give you relief from any gas or pain you're feeling almost instantly. Make sure you don't get to big of a pillow. Lay there for 10 minutes and your stomach pain will be gone.

I used to get SEVERE stomach aches growing was horrible and very painful. This technique works great for my kids as well.

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My sister used to get stomach aches as a kid too. It was years before we realized that she was lactose intolerant and allergic to gluten.

Anmol :)

Because I'm fasting I couldn't do any of the other remedies, so I tried this one .. And my stomach was hurting alot, but this helped clear it up under 20seconds!


i am a teen and i get these stomche aches too. They hurt bad? I hate throwing up. I rather get hit with a car. Are these stomche aches normal/


Thank You :)


I just tried using the cushion method...and it really does work...thanku :)


This worked the quickest for me. Thank you very much! I will use this in the future.

Big Bird

This worked for me since I have been stressed a lot about Romneys plan to cut my spending. Thank you.

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