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I got poision ivy somehow between my toes and it hurts to walk but to stop itching completly take cold water and baking soda and mix it until it turns pasty. Then keep it on there for about 5 mins and then take it off. when it dries i put calamine lotion on it and leave it until it dries completly the calamine lotion will dry up the rash completly and will go away in a few days depending on how bad it is hope it works.

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Ashley from Sams Valley

So, this might not have been everyones result, but I did this and the next hour I looked at my posion oak and it was almost completely gone, when it should've lasted probably a week longer. Keep in mind in order to make a paste your going to need a very little amount of water. I would say 7 parts bakingsoda 1 part water.

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