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It sounds weird but it works in 5-10 minutes without using kitchen cleaning fluids LOL!!! I was in agony!!! Buy either Mexana medicated powder or Gold Bond medicated powder and a container of Bactine antiseptic spray. Mix the powder and spray together into a paste a little thicker than the consistency of calamine lotion. Apply the paste to the individual bites or to the affected areas and let dry. Besides getting rid of the itch it seems to make te pustules rupture and dry up. Tell me what your experience is.

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OMG, I wish I had seen this 2 weeks ago when I sat on a bulkhead at the NJ shore and that evening found >100 swollen itching chigger bites on the back of my leg. I found this website and after reading for like 30 minutes all the recommendations I opted to go see a doctor. She had no clue what I had so being originally from Texas I told her it was chiggers. I got the cortizone cream and eventually antibiotics in case they got infected (which I didn't use) but what I learned from this website was the best.

I sat in a tub of hot water as hot as humanly possible to sit in as the bites were on the back of my thigh with epsome salt. I put a lot - don't know I was desparate so perhaps 1-2 cups. Afterwards I sat on a washrag soaked in Listerine mint. I took these baths 3 times a day for 3-4 days. Each time I got in the bath they itched so bad and I let myself just scratched a good bit. From what I understood the heat kills the bug and extracts somehow the venom in the bite. The Listerine is antiseptic and also reduces the desire to itch. It was amazing...I'm sold on this remedy. Oh and by the way you can use any salt but epsome is the best.


how the very good way to get it off

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