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2 Ibuprofin 200mg with room temp water, turn off all lights and tvs, turn off all phones, close the blinds, and lay out some light bed clothes. Take a room temperature shower, don't rush but don't hang out in there, get ready for bed take 1 more Ibuprofin 200mg only drinking room temp water.
Then slowly crawl into bed and just think positive for a while, tell yourself headaches come and go.

This works for me very well as long there are no interruptions.
Best of luck to all of you.

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How is this a home remedy? @_@ Aren't home remedies supposed to be more...natural?

the bitch

I agree, can you grow ibroufin? the answer is no. It is not natural and therefor is not a home remedy. Please don't post comments like these! >X(


yeah like im sure this works just fine but the whole point was to avoid storebought drugs


then u do this about 100 more times and start to find polyps in your liver.. (the start of cancer) all store bought drugs are like poison for your body.


I did exactly the same as the posting.....for years. unfortunately, it will increase to 3 200mg, then 4 200mg, then even more.............not really the best way.
hope this help.

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