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Both far rear bottom molars completely broken to the gumline for about 3 months now. As of 3 days ago I've begun to feel pulsing sharp pain in the right bottum molar which is unbearable. I left work early today because it was just too much pain to think about what I was doing. On the way home I picked up some ibuprofin (200mg) and popped 2 in my car, 30 mins later at home I took 2 more. Within about an hour after that the constant pain was 90% gone, that's a relief for I know I can atleast try to crash it off in bed. Although it's still extremely sensitive to touch. I've tried clove oil, olive oil, vanilla extract, hydrogen peroxide, warm salt water, and have tried chomping down on tea bags...yet none of these seem to help the pain when I bite down normally or try to bite anything at all on that side of my mouth. So I'll be able to sleep, but looks like I'm eating soup until I can figure out how to come up with the finances for a perma fix.
I think we can all agree, tooth pain is absolutely awful. I've had a number of severe injuries(some life threatening) and nothing is so sharp and direct than a pissed off tooth.
I may have to make some sacrifices to pay for this issue. But this to shall pass, and one day I will look back and sigh in relief.
Hang in there, god bless, and smile if it doesn't hurt to do so.

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