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So, like all of us, I had a gw outbreak.
Preface: this is my first posting, and it's long. I'm sorry in advance.

About nine months ago, the guy I was seeing told me he had found two small bumps on his, ahem, area... One little guy on his shaft, and another little guy on his thigh/hip area closer to his scrotum. I inspected myself, found nothing, but went with him to the doctor. She confirmed his HPV, and froze his warts off. Within a few days they were gone. He hasn't had an outbreak since. I went to the doctor myself a couple weeks later, explained the situation. She told me that I most likely was infected with the HPV virus but because I hadn't had an outbreak, there wasn't anything they could do for me.

About five days ago, I felt some bumps on, embarrassingly enough, my anus. It baffled me because I've never participated in anal sex (and very little anal play ever) and I definitely had genital warts on my butt, and only my butt. Lovely. Found two semi-big ones (smaller than an eraser) and about ten tiny little ones. I looked all around the Internet for home remedies for anal warts and couldn't find anything at all, and I really didn't want to involve a doctor if I didn't have to (especially on such a sensitive area). So, I decided to try some things you guys have suggested.

I decided to take a three-tiered approach. First, I got myself some vitamin supplements (mainly vitamin a, b12, d and e), folic acid and fish oil supplements while drinking a couple mugs of Echinacea tea a day to boost my immune system and get this virus out. Secondly, I got myself a bottle of tea tree oil and some ACV. Third, and this was, to me, by far the most important part: I visualized the warts gently peeling off and visualized nice, smooth, pre-wart skin constantly.

Couple of drops of tto on a q-tip swabbed on the area. Then I dunked a tampon in ACV and stuck it between my cheeks (sorry for the details) and let it hang out for about five hours. It wasn't terribly painful the first day (I actually went to a party/house show and wasn't bothered much), but when I went to switch the tampon for a new one, it stung like CRAZY. I have a decently high threshold for pain, and I couldn't hang with it. I slept ACV-free that night. Next day, I went to inspect, and all the little warts had turned black and a couple of them had wiped off. Success! I was so happy and elated it was starting to work. Then, more tto swabbed and some toilet paper soaked in ACV applied to the area. Day two was HORRIBLE for stinging. Very painful, I couldn't leave it on for as long as I wanted, probably three or four hours. Day three: at first inspection, I couldn't see many warts (just one small one, but I didn't look that hard), so I dabbed some tto and went to work. 10.5 hours later, all warts but one had disappeared. The skin surrounding the area was black and scaly-looking (not to mention extremely tender and burny-feeling, also a tiny bit of blood from two areas), so I decided to forego the ACV for now, but I am dabbing some tto on the area every now and again.

I'm sorry this is so long, but I haven't spoken to anyone about this. This forum has helped me out immensely, your guys' stories gave me hope in a very bleak, desperate and lonely time.

I truly feel that the success is mainly due to my positive visualization of successful results. If you stay positive and see your genitals as beautiful and blemish-free as they were before the warts, it'll happen! Keep hope alive! Constantly visualize positive results. Your mind is your greatest weapon. Good luck everyone.

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hey thank you, i read your remedy yesterday morning, went out and bought the ACV and did your way of attacking those little devils, it totally worked. It was that fast and most importantly, i had a positve attitude towards it, so in under 24hrs, they're gone...i gotta say, i'm glad i read your remedy :)this was my first gw outbreak, and i'm making sure its my last!!! Thank you once again:)


Hey i was just wondering was this AVC stuff was?


ACV = apple cider vinegar I think


ACCESS works for me it took longer than a day and after almost a week did see and difference I then soaked the cotton pad till very wet them taped it under a band aid after a little over a week or the access I had a few turn black and fall off I only have three left I also heard you could get a needle hot with a lighter wipe it off then burn the wary your self or stab if before applygying the ACV so it gets to the wary faster.


But did it grow back ?

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