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I constantly have horrible ear aches. The best thing that I have found that eases the pain and gives long lasting relief is sweet olive oil. A few drops in your ear and a cotton ball to absorb whatever might try to come back out works wonders. I have found this most effective if you can do it at night and sleep on your side opposite the ear that hurts.(So your ear is closest to the ceiling) Use a cotton swab in the morning to clean everything out and V'OILA!

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My 5 yr old was in very bad pain. A few drops of warm olive oil in the affected ear did the trick! About 2 minutes after I have her the drops she said the pain was almost all gone! She also had a heating pad on the ear, tylenol and swimmer's ear drops (none of which seemed to do much aside). Thanks for posting everyone!


YES, OIL!!! !!!
Growing up in high altitude, I have had chronic ear problems most of my life but they tend to just go away on their own and come back every now and then. This most recent time, it wasn't so much of an aching, rather just a 'fogginess' for lack of a better description. It didn't hurt, but it was incredibly bothersome and SUPER annoying!! SO, this one had lasted for about 2 weeks and I've been trying EVERYTHING: heat, tiger balm, hydrogen peroxide, my trusty rubbing alcohol, ear wax candles, Nasal Decongestant... but alas, my ear fog remained. Ugh.

So I used sweet olive oil just as you described, using an ear dropper, and OMG, did it WORK!! YAY!!!!!

Make sure you HEAT THE OIL TO BODY TEMPURATURE! I also PUT A LITTLE OIL ON MY FINGERS and gently massaged the part of my neck directly below the ear lobe down to the lymph nodes; the back/bottom of my ear; and the bottom of the external canal in a downward motion while lying down. I continued the massage until I began to taste the VERY slight flavor of the oil in my mouth, then just laid there for about 45 minutes.
I did this last night and by this morning--POOF! GONE. Total miracle! My ear is about 98%, so I will likely do this one more time tonight to completely drain any blockage that has built up.
Whew! Thank you magic oil! :)

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