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Use a Q-Tip or cotton ball to dap Listerine (Any mouth wash works. I have just found that Listerine works best for me.) on the affected area a few times a day and let air dry. You can do this at any stage, including the tingly-still-under-the-skin, or almost healed. I use to get horrible cold sores that covered at least a quarter of my mouth at a time for weeks. Now they stay small(usually smaller than a dime) and are gone in just a few days.

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Listerine will help clean out the cold sore and to dry it out. But there are some other more effective ways to treat cold sores.

I myself have tried over the counter ointments without lasting results. I finally read a home remedy article in one ezine category that talked about a useful site that tells you about safe solutions there are inside your kitchen that will treat cold sores.

I've tried 4 of the recommended household remedies and so far three of them have worked excellent in preventing or helping my cold sore disappear in just about 3 days. Some of these household items include tea bags, toothpaste, ice, and Lysine.

But I observed that it is not just the product, but how you apply it, what time of day, and how often. That truly made the whole difference for me. I found the link for the cold sore page in my bookmarks:

Discolorationofskin (DOT) com/ColdSores

I would recommend trying one remedy at a time so you know which ones work for you and eliminate those which don't.


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