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I have two beautiful children that do not have anemia problems what-so-ever.
When they were little that was not the case. Instead of fighting with them to take vitamins or supplements, I took a different approach. I bought cast iron cookware. My grand-mother and mother(and now myself) all cook with cast iron and do not have any anemia problems with anyone in our families. It's simple enough, you get trace amounts of iron that are absorbable, unlike the metal shavings you get in most of your food. (Drown a bowl of iron fortified cereal until soggy and run magnet through it. You might be surprised!)

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How long does it take for lemon to bleach skin?there is a ranodm dark spot on my leg and i was wondering how long it would take to disappear with lemon juice. its not that much darker than my skin. im very fair. also if you people could tell me if there is a correct way to do it? i was thinking of using a q-tip and just dipping it in some lemon juice and applying it, but idk if thats right.


Anemia is most commonly observed in kids now a days. My suggestion is to boost iron intake of child. Go for natural foods like Apricots and prune juice. Also, natural iron tonic will also help child coping up fastly. I tried RCH Natural Product's Pretorius Iron Max Plus 30t for my kid. It worked for me, give a try.

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