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I've had an overproduction of ear wax most of my adult life. Nothing wrong with going to the doctor. They can do a really good job of treating you very effectively and easily with a lavage (wash). If you can't get to one, I was given a self-help remedy that works well enough. If you mix a 50/50 compound together with rubbing alcohol and vinegar, and put an eardropper full into your ear for several minutes (time depending on the degree of wax), it will heat up in your ear and allow the wax to albiet 'melt'. Then use a syringe with, not quite, hot water to rinse out. You'll see the debris in your sink basin and be amazed. DO NOT use a cotton swab. You'll likely make matter even worse, possibly infection will result.

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The alcohol/vineger method is what I'll use my mother told me when I was growing she had heard from my pediatrition that this was a proven method to rid your self of a clogged ear my mother wasn't sure of the mix ratio nut my grandmother her Mom used this mix from the time she had heard of it from my mother in the 70s til the day she passed and worked like a charm the alcohol is used to dry the water and vinegar is for wax build up it softens the wax making it easier to remove

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