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casey in sc

i've been up for the past 2 nights with an excsruciating toothache. after trying the tea bag method and cloves i found that it worked but for a short amount of time. i used red cross tooth drops and it helped but made my mouth raw. i used an ice pack it helped some as well. i took tylenol pm to try to sleep. it did nothing for the pain or to help me sleep. i read where using sensodyne toothpaste would alleviate the pain. at this point i would try anything. i was rocking back and forth in agony. i used the sensodyne and the pain instanly went away. thank you so very much to the person who submitted the remedy of sensodyne toothpaste. it honestly worked better than anything else i tried. the pain has not returned yet. thanks again for the advice. seriously use sensodyne toothpaste 1st brush your teeth with it . then put a dab directly on the tooth . leave it for 10 min or so then rinse. i slept like a baby all night.

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Holy crap thank you so much! My filing fell out and just recently chipped in half with a perfectly exposed nerve. which resulted in a crippling tooth pain, you know the kind where you lay in agony and tears leak from your face? I tried the whole salt water wash and pain meds but no relief. this seriously did the trick. I no longer feel like putting my wad through a wall.


Ok, so seriously... I have watched my husband in pain ranging from complete discomfort to complete agony over the last 3 weeks! Over a broken tooth/exposed nerve! SEVERAL sleepless nights! I ran to the pharmacy and purchased a travel size tube of the Maximum Strength! $1.79 worth of Sensodyne worked!!! Within minutes!!! Brought him almost complete relief in about 15 minutes! Spot on! Thank you so much for posting!!! He will finally sleep tonight, as will I <3

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