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jamie peveto

one day after a day at the lake i was feeling water swooshing in my ear so i talked to some people i knew and figured out i needed one ingriedient rubbing alcahol, you need to get a cotton ball and fill it with rubbing alcahol, then you slowly drip it in the should feel the water slowly disapear and the pain that came will disapear......

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I picked up my son from swimming and he was very uncomfortable, crying and carrying on about his ear. I was desperate, found this remedy, and tried the alcohol in his ear. 20 mins later he's 100% better, pain gone!

Thank you a million times over!


I had a terrible ear ach that was a result of me flushing my ears. The water sound I heard swooshing in my head was driving me crazy!!! I tried your advice and instantly the water was gone. I just want to say thank-you .....


Trying it now ... my ear is driving was driving me nuts all night. I was swimming in a quarry yesterday ... water in ears ... see how long it takes to go away! .....


Well look at that ... not completely gone, but wayyyyyyyyy better and its only been 5 mins. Thank you very, very much!!!! :)


Good deal.... It works!!!! Less than 5 mins and the water in my friends ear us gone! Who would of knew.... Thanks for the advice it really works!

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