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I'm 15 years old, a UK size 6, and I have DD breasts. Because of this -and they are still growing- I have deep purple stretch marks on my breasts. I also have severe stretch marks all over my thighs, butt and hips, a few of which are visible in shorts. I have a typical Irish skintone so they're very obvious and make me feel very uncomfortable. I took a fistful of Kenco instant coffee beans, put them in a bowl and crushed them with the end of a glass. I then mixed the powder with E45 moisturiser -I think any moisturiser will do- and applied the cream to my stretch marks. I waited for it to dry and went to bed. When I woke up next morning, I washed off the dried cream and it was as though I'd washed the marks off with it! They were not completely gone, but were noticeably shorter, shallower, lighter in colour. After about two weeks of doing this every night, my skin was not only completely clear but smooth and tighter.

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what is the consitency you must get,when you mix it togeather?


I'm 13. & I have stretch marks too. I've tried cocoa butter. & Bio-oil. & it hasn't worked. Can you use any kind of coffee beans?


I tried the coffee beans & it didn't work. /:


I tried 2 it ddnt work :(


I'm trying this because i really want to get rid of my stretch marks.. dont want to start college being insecure about my body... I HOPE THIS WORKS.. I'M PRAYING!


i tried it,but my marks only faded a little.


I am 21 just did it last night and they are rediculously better. I could hardly believe it! I have had these stretch marks for about 4 years. man they were nasty. but Im going to keep going! I think within a week I will be better looking! plus it tightened my stomach a lot! thanks!

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