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I have tried a few of these and not many help. Ora Gel was pointless as well as Anbesol. They taste awful and they numbed just about everything but my pain. Neither did toothpaste or the mouthwash. The whole garlic and onion thing?? Too much work, I need relief and I needed it now. I have been in unbearable pain for two days and I know for a fact I have high pain tolerance! So if I am complaining you know it hurts. ANYWAYS. I have exceeded my limit on painkillers (tylenol, and aleeve)If I take anymore, I will prolly overdose or go into Acute Renal Failure. (neither are good) so I am gonna wait at least another six hours to take more. But the one thing that gave me instant relief was Rum/Whiskey. DONT SWALLOW it especially if you have taken as many pain pills as I have but sweet mother of bob it worked. Swish it around in your mouth and then hold it on the side that hurts and BAM relief. No im not an alcoholic or a pillpopper but something had to be done and GOD BLESS who ever invented sir are my hero. I can finally function again until I go to the dentist.

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Dysfunctional Veteran

A Bottle of strong booze and a pair of plyers that's what fix't my problem before I let my upper front tooth get infected or even get worse then it was it was half way rotted through.

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