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I had this bad toothache that I didn't know how to get rid of. It is a broken molar that had been causing severe pain the last few days. So this is what got me relief within 10-15 minutes:

I rinsed my mouth with a mixture of warm water and plenty of salt for a couple of minutes. Then afterwards, because I didn't have a clove of garlic to bite down on a piece of it, I got the next best thing- Garlic Powder!

So what I did is dip my finger tip in some of the warm water & salt mixture and then into the garlic powder. I then proceeded with putting some of the Garlic Powder into the broken off area of the tooth and when I felt there was enough in it, I then started putting some of the garlic powder all around the tooth and gum area. And shortly afterwards the pain was COMPLETELY gone! It's going in an hour now- and still no pain!

After you apply the garlic to the tooth and gum area, give it 10-15 minutes to start working. I was almost tempted to sip water again and let it stand in the affected area to relief the pain because it wasn't immediate- which might have washed out the garlic powder, but I am glad I waited a few extra minutes now the pain IS GONE!!! And if it does coma back in a few hours- I'll repeat this procedure until this tooth can be extracted. Hope this gives you some relief.

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Darlene A

I tried the rubbing of Garlic Powder on the area and it worked!!! I could sleep for the whole night. In the morning I called the dentist. Thank you so much. Of course now I have a craving for Pizza LOL


Thank you so much! Theres an aftertaste, but the garlic powder really worked!


works pretty nicely. the garlic powder burns for a bit but after that its all good.

Sleepless in Chicago

The best remedy ever. IT REALLY WORKS!!! the garlic powder burns like crazy, but after three long pain filled days it's nothing. 10 min later GONE toothache GONE! Thanks for the advice!


will garlic salt work? i dont have any gralic powder


i have a broken molar aswell.. and its broken kinda deep into the gum. it hurts alot. im only 17 and dont want to go to the dentist. is rinsing with garlic powder and water gonna sting... ??


ingenious!!! it does work!! thank you so much for this tip!


I just tried this but had to use garlic salt instead since I have no powder. Here's to hoping it works. If not, trip to Walmart at two in the morning.

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