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Pee (urine) actually works. Take it or leave it.

An ol down south remedy.

Put it in a pill bottle and apply with q-tip for a week! If it doesn't can kick my @$$!!!!

P.s it'll be best to use your OWN pi$$.

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now, is that first pee of the day or anytime pee?????? Please re-ply


first of the day urine works because its more potent.




What if it's urine but with a little poop in it? I tried that but it's pretty smelly.


Actually, while in Viet Nam in the jungle, if one of us would develop ringworm or athlete's foot because of the moistness of the jungle - whomever had the ringworm or athtlete's foot would urinate on it to kill it. We couldn't carry a lot of medicines with us if we were on patrol (Marines) and urine has uric acid and other chemicals that will help dry out the fungus.

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