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I noticed someone posted they used Bayer Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. Notice the word 'feed'? That's fertilizer and it can kill your dog. Bayer used to make a Tree and Shrub Protect product without fertilizer, which was safe to use. Protect and Feed is NOT. The active ingredient in Bayer and Ortho Max lawn and garden insecticide is Imidocloprid. It's the same active ingredient that's in Advantage. If Advantage doesn't work on your dog but Frontline does, the active ingredient is Fipronil. The same active ingredient is found in Termidor termite spray. Buy the concentrate and dilute it to the same strength as the spot on treatment for dogs and it's safe to use. We dilute the Imidacloprid product (ours is .74%) 1:1 with water and spray it on the dogs or wipe it on with gauze 4x4's. Kills the fleas on contact. Then we comb them using a flea comb and a bowl of water with a little liquid lavender bath soap. When I bathe them, I bathe them in the lavender soap. We use diatomaceous earth (food grade) swept into the carpeting, but you can buy a powder from Flea Busters that is made up of DE and borax and is guaranteed to kill every flea in your house for 1 year ... money back.

Just don't put anything with fertilizer on your dog!!

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In treating your dog with the diluted imidacloprid, is this something you use once a month as with Advantage or do you spray it on as needed? Please email me at

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