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For early onset: Floss teeth. Rub effected area with cottonball and hydrogen peroxide topical solution for at least one minute.

Create a salt solution rinse with 1/4 tsp table salt dissolved in 1oz hot water. Swish salt rinse between effected teeth for 1 minute minimum. Brush normally.

Apply a black tea bag on abscess with moderate pressure. Let tea bag sit for at least 20 min to reduce swelling and sooth gums. Do not rinse or brush.

Use hydrogen peroxide, salt rinse, and tea bag at least every 3-4 hours. Brush after consuming anything besides water. Should clear up in 2-3 days. Ibuprofen can be used for pain and to reduce swelling. If it doesnt, the infection may be too advanced and should be treated by a dentist and antibiotics.

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