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We have asps and assassin bugs from time to time. Both bites/brushes sting like crazy and within seconds will cause huge whelps and pain.

After going through every rememdy and medicine in the cabinet trying to relieve the burning/stinging, we found a tube of Preparation H.

Apply the cream to the area and relief is seconds away. Due to what Preparation H was designed to do, it reduces the swelling, and also the itch for almost 24 hours.

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ms. moore

within seconds of applying prep h I felt immediate relief. im not sure exactly what type of bites I had, but I had several from my legs up to my arms with unbelievable swelling. the application sooths the itch, not so much on the swelling


It worked perfectly well for me! I had to slather it on liberally, but I felt better almost a minute later.


That's because it contains hydrocortisone so just buy the real stuff instead.


I tried the Preparation H. It worked about as good as the anti-itch cream which wasn't good at all.


For scorpion, black widows, etc., grab an onion cut it open, put salt on it and keep it on the area for about twenty minutes. It draws poison out. We lived on a small farm in the AZ desert and couldn't always get to a doctor fast.
It has always worked.

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