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I have terrible rls. It has gotten worse over the years it seems. I have tried so many things to see what contributes to it, becuz I can go days and weeks without it.
The only thing that works for me is exercise. When I have it- I do rigorous lunges and squats til the muscles burn (but u have to push to your threshold) A good 5 minutes of leg burn can calm my legs and relax for the whole night. Good luck to all

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Im sorry to hear you can try it will help you sleep better


I have RLS. I took Equip for a year until I couldn't afford to get the prescription. Then again, I went without many months without a good sleeping pattern. I then started growing alot of our meats. I was in for my annual physical. I told her that we grow our own meats and ran out and ended up buying some from the grocery store for 2 weeks, my RLS came back immediately. I informed her that this was the only thing changed in my diet. Like you, I thought it was caffine. NOT so, She indicated to me that my body requires more zinc. Naturally raised beef has the right amount of zinc in it that the store bought doesn't have. Also, maybe the store meats has too much additives and chemicals and that whats throwing a person into having RLS. Please be aware, you will know who has the grass-fed meats. Even with a 1LB of ground beef. I purchased some from a grass fed farmer, I didn't sleep well at all. It has been one of the most eye opening experience. Now, I am taking a zinc tablet 50mg from the drug store. I am thinking of increasing this. I don't know if this will help you, but it can be a alternative avenue for you to try. Good Luck.

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