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Last Thursday I was working in my yard and due to a knee surgery I am unable to kneel needless to say I had to sit on the grass while pulling out weeds. Oh holy cow did I not think that thru! I have chigger bites all over my calves. Thankfully I have none anywhere else. I had been wearing on my hip one of those 'off fans' on my hip so that worked for more sensitive areas.:) But as I said before my calves it didn't cover the chiggers there. When I came inside my legs were firered swollen, and oh so very miserable. I have tried many things, and actually found something that has helped with the itch that surprised me. Calamine lotion! It has been wonderful. I never thought that it would work actually put it on to appease my husband and wow um I owe him a steak dinner. Lol.
Hope this helps someone, and just a reminder chiggers don't burrow into your skin it's an allergic reaction to their saliva when they bite you that causes people to itch. I will say from now on when I go outside Off spray will be my best friend. LOL Have a great day! Sorry its so long.

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wrong answer to all. go to wal-greens and by hair lice cream, ridex something. spread it over the area. grew up in virginia and this will work

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