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john c

This method has been mentioned a couple of times on the toothache topic string, and I thought I'd add my experience. Here's what finally worked for me, after three days of intense pain and huge doses of Ibuprofen became ineffective.

Brush your teeth thoroughly with Sensodyne (especially the aching area). Rinse your mouth vigorously with Listerine (the antibacterial agents will fight the infection that more than likely is contributing to your problems).

Then, for more antibacterial action, use Gly-Oxide, an antiseptic oral cleaner. (It's available at most big drug stores.)

Finally, use a liberal amount of Ambesol or a similar oral anesthetic to knock the pain down while the other steps take effect.

The combination of a different pain reliever, the Sensodyne and the antibacterial agents really worked wonders for me. I hope it helps you too. Toothache pain is simply the worst.

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Thanks for the awesome tips! I had been using sensitive toothpaste and listerine combo with good results, although short-lived. I added Equate Orasol (walmart) and Equate Extra Strength Headached Relief (generic Excedrin) with absolutely amazing results. Tylenol and Advil don't have aspirin and caffeine which really helps with toothache. The Pharmacist explained that Excedrin is geared towards 'cluster' headaches, thus very helpful with tooth pain. I cannot thank you enough!!! I now understand why people feel like they are going insane with a toothache!!

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