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Removing Warts...My mom read in a magazine, where if you take duct tape and put it on your warts, and leave it one 1 week, they will go away. My daughter had 15 or so on her big toe, and we tried this. I promise you they are now gone. We had tried burning them and several other options from the doctor, but nothing worked till now.

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i dont have medical insurance so my mothers doctor told me that advice when he saw my mom and i went with her. i did it and it worked. it works faster if you use some wart remover also.. not the pad but the oil and then put the duct tape on it after the oil dries. not necessary but does speed up the process. mine were gone within a week and a half. i had 4 big ones clustered together on the top of my foot. also had a plantar wart on the bottom and it worked also.


How often do you reapply the duct tape? I wash my hands a lot and it seems like I have to constantly replace the tape which makesit very cumbersome. Any advice?

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