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This really isn't a 'remedy' but a connection I've noticed in my own experience with RLS. I have had it off and on for several years but didn't know what it was until the past year or so. I've spent many a sleepless night. Suddenly, I went for months without any symptoms. It just stopped. What had I done? Well, the only connection I could make was caffeine! I had stopped caffeine...sodas,coffee,tea...because of a medication I had started taking that could cause kidney stones. I increased my water intake dramatically... at least 3-4 8oz glasses or more a day. Was supposed to be 6-8 glasses but 3-4 was good for me. I didn't drink tea,coffee, or pop, not even caffeine free. The sympoms of RLS disappeared. Unfortunately, I developed a kidney stone anyway and had to stop the medication. When I did, I had been without those beverages so long, I started back drinking them...sometimes caffeine free but usually it didn't matter. I would drink either. Then BAM! Here came the RLS symptoms. Last night was the worst in a long time. I am ready to ditch the caffeine again. Even caffeine free doesn't mean totally free of caffeine. So, I am going to give it try again! It works for me. Maybe might work for someone else. Nothing else causes the symptoms for me. Good bye caffeine!

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you can try it will help you with your rls


Five people in my family of 7 have it! We have all learned that it's triggered by chocolate (I know, what a bummer) and that I get some relief when I eat spinach. Two of my family members have an Rx for it but I just don't want to take any Rx drugs if I can avoid it. Anyone have any other suggestions? It's brutal, very hard to explain, and the only people who really give a darn are those people who have RLS.

Restless in Wyoming

I have heard that RLS is a deffeciency of iron. Spinish is high in iron. I started taking an iron supplement.. Haven't noticed any drastic changes yet.. Am soaking my feet in a hot bath with lavender salts tonite as I read this. Don't know if it will work but it sure feels nice! Tomorrow I am going to start excersizing again on my eliptical trainer.. Seems like everytime I get a little excersize I fall right to sleep at night.

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