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I have stretch marks on my boobs, sides, and all over my legs. Its summer now and I fell uncomfortable wearing shorts, but its so hot! I mixed together some aloe vera gel, extra virgin olive oil, lots of lotions with shea butter, body butter, anti-age cream and serum, KY gel, and vitamin E. I got the vitamin E from cutting up tablets. I mixed up all these things in a bowl. Not 30 minutes after applying to all the obvious areas, my stretch marks had faded and changed from a dark pinkish purple to a soft skin tone. You can still kind of see them, but not unless you are looking for them. I bet they will be completely gone pretty soon.

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The items you mixed together...are they in the same section in the store(walmart)


i have them on my hips, so can i wear a shirt after, or should i leave it open?


I used something like this I used Shea butter w/ aloe Vera (skin repair) + Aveeno( positively nourishing) + extra virgin olive oil and had sort of the same results. I have dark purple marks and after using this they turned red and less noticeable almost instantaneously. I just eyeballed the amounts rubbing them in one after the other. Thank you for the idea and I hope this is some sort of help!

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