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john k

if yo havea broken tooth do this
1.)goto walgrens bu dentemp os or the toothache gum.
2.)go gome, brush well, i know it hurts but you need to clean ir out first.
now use a qtip to dry the broken area of the tooth.
3.)here comes the pain, but its worth it in the end.pack your broken tooth with the dentemp os or tooth ache gum
4.)now it really hurts, i know that made it worse at least for now.
5.)use some clove oil and vanilla extact and oragel on your tooth until the nerve stops freaking out, also taking some ibuprofin will help along with excedrin back and body, because its an nsaid.
6.)in an hour or so you will notice you have to put less and less ora gel and clove oil to keep it from hurting.
this is because you filled the hole and the air and suction that were pissing ff your tooth's nerve now cannot.
just remember, dont go eating anything or it will hurt like hell since the dentemp os is now sitting onto of he nerve.but at least its not exposed!
next step call a damn dentist!

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