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I have had 2 lanced and many others. Doctors said first one was some kind of spider or insect bite. Anyways, my point is that I have tried so many different things. Hot compress does help, but I have found that drawing sav is the best. It has a name, but I don't know it. I always tell the pharmacy I need drawing sav. It looks like tar and stinks. But it WORKS!!! Put it over the area cover it with gauze and usually within a day it opens up. Of then you have to squeeze the junk out and then the hot compress then also cause it soothes the pain some. Once the yuck starts coming out though so much relief you don't mind the squeezing! People who don't get them often may judge, but it doesnt mean your not clean or full of toxics! I've tried the potato thing and it has never worked for me. I swear by the drawing sav!!!

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It is called have to ask for it and it does stink but works.


Economies are in dire strtais, but I can count on this!


I think you're talking about ichthammol ointment (also known as black ointment). I have a recurring abscess & I'm going to get some tomorrow to try. I read a lot of good reviews online. I tried PRID, but it didn't seem to help...


Icthammol or black salve as it is called by farmers can be found at tractor supply and is the same thing as the black drawing salve at the pharmacy and is much cheaper.


In Canada you can buy a similar drawing salve that is called Black Ointment. It does not contain ichthammol but does seem to have the same effect according to everything I have read. It can be purchased at any health food store. It can be found in the skin remedy section.


The black tar like drawing sav is called ikthamall

Angry Leg

I have a very old tube of Ichthammol drawing salve. The brand name is "Goldline" you will not find it anymore is my guess. Old as it is it still works. I use the salve to draw out Boils and large pimples and skin eruptions.I am 65 years old and this stuff has been around for years and does a good job. My tube now empty i search for replacement, CVS has an "Ointment" but i used it and it seem to NOT draw. I have an infected leg, its been on going now 2 months and i am going to put Ichthammol on leg to draw out the infection in the leg. 6 days of antibiotics in hospital and leg has small infection left in it. I know this drawing salve will finish the healing for the leg. I recommend this for everyone, its a old time healing salve.


Prid does NOT work like the original ichthammol ointment (also known as black ointment)...

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