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I have restless leg syndrome. My mother has it, and her mother had it too. I also have it in my arms. I keep a bottle of peppermint foot spray or biofreeze handy. I spray my legs and whatever else is bothering me, and it always works! I've also used muscle creams such as Ben gay or deep heat. They work too, but I prefer the spray because it's less messy!

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great post thre is a good spray better than ben gay try it out its fre to try


So I'm up, miserable, RLS raging, tried everything that usually works, including masturbation, no relief.
found this site and after searching my bathroom cabinet came up with two products: mint foot cream and sunburn spray with lidocaine.
tried both, both helped but the sunburn spray was instantaneous and more effective. and less messy!
hope this helps someone.

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