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To prevent shingles, avoid chocolate and nuts -- they have an amino acid that helps herpes virus replicate. Take 500mg of lysine every day - lysine is the amino acid that inhibits growth of herpes virus. 'Starve the Virus --
Varicella-zoster belongs to a larger family of herpesviruses, all of which share an important characteristic: They multiply with the help of the amino acid arginine and are inhibited by another amino acid called lysine. Lysine may work by blocking the virus’s ability to absorb and use arginine.'
Quoted from 'Mother Nature' website.

Very helpful topical aid for shingles: Essential oil Ravansara (found in combo with other essential oils such as Shingles Aid', will help dry the shingles up quickly. Ravansara is 'a relatively new essential oil from Madagascar, it is in the Lauraceae family (sassafras and bay laurel). The anisata variety is distilled from the bark of Ravansara aromatica. This essential oil is very clearing to the mind and the emotions and stimulates a reevaluation of your mission statement or intention. You may confirm that you are on the right track or decide to redirect your goals. Use for all types of respiratory complaints, also good for treating bacterial and viral infections, and stimulating to the lymph system. Ravansara is reputedly helpful for treating shingles. This aroma is very eucalyptus-like with a strong tinge of anise. Caution: avoid during pregnancy and around young children.' I found this description in 'Aroma-Massage' website. I personally have used the 'Shingles Aid' compound and found it to be VERY soothing and helpful.

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No Of Your Business!

My Dad is a Doctor that specializes in stuff like this and Shingles is not caused by a virus in most cases it is caused form extreme pain, stress, or depression!! My mother was down with Shingles for 2 and a half years! And My Dad decided to take up on this disease and became a doctor in that particular kind of disease!


Well, doctors say that it is the chicken pox virus that gives your body the ability to have shingles, however, my sister got shingles and she never had chicken pox - I had them bad and my mom made my sister be with me all the time so she would get them, but she didn't. She got shingles when she had cancer....and I got shingles when someone was threatening me and I was scared to I believe they come on in times of stress, and they only go away when the stress leaves.


I started taking arginine just 6-7 months prior to getting shingles, thanks for that info, will throw my arginine away!


I quit the arginine and my shingles quit itching the next day and now they are now just dark spots, I can't thank you enough Alice.!!


I had shingles about 14 years ago. I had no idea what was wrong with me and thought it was the flesh eating disease because my father had that and survived it, so I thought I was next. It was the worst fever imaginable and my skin felt like it was going to boil off my body. I took every over counter drug I had to stop the fever and go to sleep. I think I scared myself to sleep (shocked). The next morning the fever was broke and I was so sore and then noticed the lesions on my back. So my wife at the time rush me to emergency and the (old timer) doctor took one look and said 'oh, you got shingles'.I still didn't know what that was so he explained that is was chicken pox (zoo-roster) hence the name (rooster). So for the second time in my life I got kicked by the chicken. He gave me a very expensive antibiotic (they work by stopping the mitochondria from reproducing the virus). I immediately got the prescription and within a couple days I was fine but finished the prescription as I did not want to chance a recurrence. A bit later I went to my regular doctor to follow up and when I told him of the (expensive) antibiotics I got he said 'oh, that doesn't work'. I got a new doctor.
I used Webbers vitamin E to cover the lesions and they healed without a scar.

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