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estelle :)

this is only for your if this doesnt work,bear with me im only i was at skool and i had recently come back from a nose waz a little sunburt,but mainly very dry.i told my friend and she offered me some burts bees lip balm.she said that beeswax was good for your skin.i thought she was crazy,but put some on.the next morning,my nose was SO SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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haha nice story LOL.


First of all, you are adorable for posting this advice as a 10 year old. Second, I agree with your friend. Burts Bees products are amazing!! I use tanning beds regularly and even though I use some suncreen (for obvious cancer and anti-aging reasons) have had patches of dry skin on my face and have occasionally used my Burts Bees chapstick when I don't have anything else available. IT WORKS!, but to prevent such things, you must hydrate inside and outside DAILY! You can't expect smoothe, hydrated skin if you don't take care of it every single day. :)


you spelled skool wrong


So did you. Its school! :)


How cute! but honey you are right, it works. I am 22 and I had to use my buts bees at work after tanning to long one time. you are so cute!

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