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Bend and stretch every night and when you hurt, to releive back pain.

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as long as your strecth right it feels alot better and if your over wieght it is good to lose your belly because it pulls on your back and if you can try to sleep on your back


This really helps, apart from that, I also suggest swimming. My dad did that and he's up and going each day! Now even my mum is swimming.
We all swim as a family with my two kids Alan and Renee every Saturday. My husband has no objections, he even suggests it to his parents!


Swimming is great for this, I am disabled now due to a back injury, I live on narcotics to control the pain. But the only means I have of continue to exercise and keep from tunring to stone is in the water. your body is boyent <sp meaning it will float and thus taking the presure of the spine. I must admit I was a bit shocked at first when I was talked into trying it by my now regular doctor lol.


Stretching is definitely the way to go. Stretch legs often! Also, lots of water is really important. Often, just drinking a huge glass of water can make a big difference in back pain. This isn't a home remedy, but natural--I see a chiropractor and it has done wonders.


Have you tried a stand up desk? I’ve been using one since I was in a minor car accident about a year ago and it’s made a big difference. My favorite is the stand steady (

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