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Okay, so, I'm a student at Bastyr (don't know what it is then look it up) and used to struggle with canker sores for about 8 years (I am 22 now) and I feel like I've got them PRETTY darn well figured out by now, perhaps even completely figured out. The main key is prevention. Staying away from sodium lauryl sulfate (a common ingredient in most toothpastes which destroys the mucus membrane lining of the mouth) and more importantly, avoiding consuming any kind of moist, low to no oxygen, environment where bacteria can grow because I am about 99.9% sure it's a bacterial problem similar to H. Pylori in the gut, it may even actually be H. Pylori as well. In particular where I managed to eliminate my major source of this bacteria was no longer reusing water bottles, or if I did reuse them, leave the lid off, or MAKE SURE it's dry when you put the lid back on. It seems to be that this bacteria can't grow in a dry environment.

Anyways, that's just prevention. Once a canker sore has already formed, there are two things (not in combination) I've found that work above all else. Aspirin is one, just let it sit on your canker sore until it dissolves every time you feel the canker sore hurt. Not ONLY will this numb the area so you can't feel it for a few hours, but the Salicylic acid will kill the bacteria and allow the ulcer to heal within a short period of time depending on how big the sore is. The other that I have heard about is licorice root (which also destroys H. Pylori by coincidence or maybe not by coincidence) applied to the sore (referred to me by the Dean of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr). Apple cider vinegar works well, but just not as well as these two. Also WHILE you have the canker sore, do your best to stay away from fruit, and fruit juice, there is something in there that feeds the bacteria like crazy! I really think it's one of the sugars, but I'm not sure which one yet.

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I tried applying both apple cider vinegar and salt directly to the sore, but both just hurt like hell while I did it and I got zero relief.

I then crushed an aspirin and applied it to the sore on a wet q-tip and the pain relief was instant. It remains to be seen if it heals faster, but as long as the excruciating pain is gone, I don't even care. Thank you for posting this!!!


thanks for the advise ... the aspirin took the pain away almost immediately .... again thanks

Pols G.

Aspirin works!! thanks for posting this. :)

Mr. Magoo

hello its the citrus acid in the fruit juice that makes the pain excruciating and can cause a canker which is an ulcer in your mouth


I went to the doctor with a stomach ailment; she thought it was a parasite I picked up while swiming in a river. Stomach crams were so bad I ate fruit for a couple of days since I got irregular and had bad stomach cramps. Canker sores ensued and I went back to the doctor. She advised me that excessive carbohydrates were the culprets of the outbreak both on my lips, tongue and roof of my mouth. Posted this becuase of the fruit comment, they are correct. Fruit will exascerbate the problem.


Aspirin...crushed, let it soak on the soar and rinse. Pain gone in 20min.

Jamie C.

Thanks for the advice. I never knew that getting a canker sore can be caused from a bacteria similar to H Pylori. If H Pylori is not detected right away with a breath test-it may cause cancer in the future. I found a product called 'Mastic Gum' at a Health Food store which helps to heal the lining of the stomach and some claim it has cured their H. Pylori. My Mother who is 59 years old has suffered with H Pylori for about 2 years being misdiagnosed. She claims that Mastic Gum has helped her. I wonder if it helps with canker sores too? I will start out with the aspirin remedy since it's so painful. The canker sore I have now has turned huge and its located toward the back of the throat and it hurts like hell to swallow food as it rubs passed the sore. My tongue just being near it hurts so bad, it makes me feel like I have an earache on that same side. Again, thank you for educating us on what you have discovered since you have gone through this experience too.


does advil work too??

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