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Some days before I was searching for home remedies for Angular Cheilitis but it feels good now im writing a remedy myself :)

Ok, many of you wont believe it but it really worked for me, I had Angular Cheilitis for quite a few weeks but it wasn't just going away, I researched and tried many of the remedies but none of them worked. The only thing that helped me is after shave splash, it has a touch of alcohol, i just scratched the affected area (right side of my mouth/lips) with a ear bud after dipping it in after shave Gillette splash and applied it twice daily, and the infection completely got away in 5 days :D . For those who doesn't know that you might scream like anything on applying as it contains denatured alcohol or stearate citrate to prevent infection and it closes the pores so no further irritation from bacteria and they can't spread.

This might not work for all but worth trying as its quite an easy one, almost everyone would have a aftershave splash and an ear bud at home :)


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