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I tried the ACV but could not stand the burning pain it causes so I tried a different remedy that has also good reviews, Tea Tree Oil. I place cotton soaked in TTO and tape it to the area with warts and leave it overnight. You'll start to see it turn white and peel after 2-4 days. Once it has peeled continue apply cotton with TTO this time with a few drops of vitamin E to continue burning any residue of the warts but in a gentler way since the peeled skin is very sensitive. I noticed that after each peel the warts are getting fewer and thinner. It takes longer though a week and a half before you see the warts disappear. Once the peeled skin reveals no more warts apply cotton soaked with vitamin e to help it heal and prevent scarring. Remember even if the skin appears almost smooth once the peeled skin is revealed, if you still feel that itching/burning feel that is unique to genital warts, redo the TTO+vitamin e just for an additional peel. TTO smells great too! Hope this helps...

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Thanks!I just started the process last night.

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