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The best thing I have found to use for tooth ache pain is Hurricaine gel. It is a topical anestetic, just like the dentist use just before giving you a novocain shot. Best of all you do not have to use a lot of the gel to kill the pain and it lasts for hours. This can be purchased at any pharmacy without a RX. Hurricaine Gel comes in different flavors, however I have found that the original without flavor is better and does not taste bad at all. The anesthesia is accomplished within 15-30 seconds. Now that is fast!! Hurricaine Gel can also be used for Cold Sores, cuts in gums due to braces, loose teeth, etc.

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Hurrican gel is sold at cvs pharmacy but must be bought behind the pharmacy counter.


You can buy it on eBay for 10 dallors that's where I got mine


Amazon has it


To all of u that have posted it's the same as Orajel it's not. It may have the same ingredients listed, but they in no way work the same.

I have used them all and BY FAR Hurricane is the go to for me. Get the regular flavor it seems to be a bit stronger.


ER doctor asked me where I got it from I said the net. He told me I could use it, but only very sparingly! It causes heart palpitations. So USE CAUTION!!


You can purchase Hurricane gel online at or Amazon

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