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The best thing I have found to use for tooth ache pain is Hurricaine gel. It is a topical anestetic, just like the dentist use just before giving you a novocain shot. Best of all you do not have to use a lot of the gel to kill the pain and it lasts for hours. This can be purchased at any pharmacy without a RX. Hurricaine Gel comes in different flavors, however I have found that the original without flavor is better and does not taste bad at all. The anesthesia is accomplished within 15-30 seconds. Now that is fast!! Hurricaine Gel can also be used for Cold Sores, cuts in gums due to braces, loose teeth, etc.

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You can find the hurricane tooth gel at Walmart for $6 or $7 dollars. It is in the pharmacy section ith all the oral gel and tooth pain gels.


Are you folks too scared to see a dentist? They'll fix the hurt and give you samples of Hurricane Gel.


ill try the gel thnks


Hurrican Gel Worked really well for me an my family. I tell everyone i know to try it if they have tooth pain. Your taking a chance with anything you buy really

Tracy Sharbutt from Pittsburg Kansas

I found It!!! All I did was called dillions which is a kroger grocery store and they didnt have it in stock but they ordered it and i picked it up the next day with tax and all it was $10.15 and it works wonders! The best next thing besides salt water which only lasted for an hour or so so for all of you who couldnt find it just call a local pharmacy and ask them if they can order it it should be in the next day good luck to you all!


Hurricane gel IS NO DIFFERENT THAN ORAJEL. The main active ingredient is 20% benzocaine like someone stated earlier. It is not better than oraljel. It is not a magical product that makes the pain go away any faster.

Hurricaine gel can be purchased at walmart if you have one near you, just go to pharmacy and ask them about the gel, if they can special order it. For me, they had to special order and it came in the next day and was about 9.00 and some change.

Heather Tafolla

Call or visit your local Target or Walmart pharmacy and tell them you need Hurricane gel. Almost every Target/Walmart CAN and WILL order it for you! Takes about a day or two! I've not found one place that sells it from stock here in Dallas Ft.Worth. Just a quick tip too while im here,put a little on one or two q tips and stick on the gums near the affected area for one minute and you will be as close to pain free as you can get without a dentist! I love me some Hurricane Gel!




You can purchase online

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