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The best thing I have found to use for tooth ache pain is Hurricaine gel. It is a topical anestetic, just like the dentist use just before giving you a novocain shot. Best of all you do not have to use a lot of the gel to kill the pain and it lasts for hours. This can be purchased at any pharmacy without a RX. Hurricaine Gel comes in different flavors, however I have found that the original without flavor is better and does not taste bad at all. The anesthesia is accomplished within 15-30 seconds. Now that is fast!! Hurricaine Gel can also be used for Cold Sores, cuts in gums due to braces, loose teeth, etc.

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You won't find this stuff on the shelves of your local pharmacy...they keep it BEHIND the counter. You need to ask the pharmacist for it. Otherwise, almost any major pharmacy carries it.


I'm using the South African version called Elugel must admitt it does work but only temporary


I've used the spray type hurricane for oral pain and to treat pain I had from minor but very painful wounds.
Many people will say 'This medication is no good or that medicatioin is great!' but the thing to remember is that it affects most everyone differently. Something that works great for one person may not work well for another.
And the dosing of medication is such that the 'standard' dose is only correct for 50% of the population. So for 25% percent of the people taking a med it is too strong and for the other 25% it is too weak.
I had to get a shot of Demerol once when I had my first migraine as an adult. I couldn't see using it for R&R but for pain relief it was great. I remember walking back to .my car (with my wife), my head still pounding and vomiting the entire way. But I didn't care. I was O! Ta!
Then my wife had surgery and was in bad pain and they gave her a large dose of demerol. No affect on her what so ever. None. I was amazed.

So, the point of this long discourse is that if one pain medication or ointment doesn't work try something else.
And there are a lot of medications that are (here I use the term correctly) Over The Counter that we don't even know about. You have to ask your pharmacist if they have them. My experience recently has been that the Pharmacist doesn't want to mess with it or me. They want to fill the Rx and get on to the next person. Forget trying to get advice from them. The last time I asked about a medication from a Phar D, he said 'I guess You'll see when you take it.'

But there are some decent meds availibe Over The Counter...such as Cough Meds with Codine. It is a Schedual IV narcotic and can be obtained with only a signature, IF the pharmacy will sell it to you. The last time I tried to get some, I had bronchitis a rx for Zpak and it was the middle of the night, I had just been to the ER. I forgot to ask for some cough meds. I really thought the Pharmacist was going to call the police on me for just asking for cough syrup with codine.

And my god, now if you want a decongestant that works you have to fill out 4 or 5 pieces of paperwork, show an ID and give a finger print. I must be the only person that doesn't know how to make crack/ice/whatever. I cannot believe it is so easy to make that they had to take decongestants off the shelf.

Thanks for listening. I get so lonely since my dog went missing.


are u sure its really safe

Heather O

I called Walgreens & I am in a small beach town in Florida. I asked them to order it & it was there in 24 hrs. I am considering using on my 6mth old but am nervous as it is for adults.


The night time orajel seemed to work for my 2 year old son when he was cutting his molars. Now he is only 3 1/2 and is cutting his 6 year molars. I am desperate. I'm trying to find it now online.


Rite-Aid has the spray hurricane gel for 32.00. I'm desperate! Just thought I'd let everyone know where they could find some.


this jell can only be bought through suppliers try inkcraft tattoo supply
i have it and it does not work on tooth aches like this person says i know i bought it and tried it


Hurricane gel has the same ingredient as orajel. 20 % benzocain, thats the most you can get OTC(over the counter) So dont waste your money on that just get generic orajel


I went to CVS and got Hurricane gel - you have to ask the pharmacist for it. ALthough it doesn't require a Rx, they keep it behind the counter for some reason. I used it in a mixture of benadryl and Maalox to help my daughter with her hand foot mouth disease

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