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Hi everyone! Foot creams such as LOTRIMIN and TINACTIN and 1% TOLNAFTATE (antifungal cream) works pretty good for those who have type 1 GH.. These foot creams are greaseless and odorless and relieve the burning and itching immediately.. within 1 or 2 weeks you should be healed..keep using the medicine even after your gh appear to be healed (3 weeks tops).. you can find these foot creams just about any where..RITE AID, CVS PHARMACY, AND REGULAR GROCERY STORES.. Dont have alot of money?? buy the store brand..its just as good as the name brand..apply medicine adleast twice a day or as directed..breakouts should desist for a while.. and remember to keep your intake of vitamins up..use vitamins that can help the body from the inside out..thanks for your support everyone! hang in there! AND DONT BE UNCLEAN! TELL YOUR WIFE OR HUSBAND, BOY FRIEND OR GIRL FRIEND THAT YOU HAVE GENITAL HERPES! IF THEY LOVE YOU ENOUGH THEY WILL UNDERSTAND AND WORK SOMETHING OUT TO WHERE THE BOTH OF YOU CAN MAINTAIN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP AND A SAFE SEX LIFE.. IF THEY REFUSE..WELL IT PROBABLY WASNT 'MEANT TO BE' ANY HOW..

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Well bleach works hurts like crazy but,I can't afford valtrex but try it !!!

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