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I had got some bad chigger bug bites yesterday and I just wanted to let everyone know what I did to treat it.first I full bodied scrubbed with the citrus flavored listerene that stops the itching but I don't think it gets rid of them next I poured a whole body of green rubbing achohal in the tub and added about 2 cups of clorox filled the tub up with water and soaked for about 10-15 mins .itching stopped immediately and chigger blisters disappeared in about a hour I would say I had about 50 bite marks arms legs back hip and I was surprised to see them go away so fast with no scabbing or anything.I would advice using those three things to anybody that has had a recent encounter with these little buggers hope this help a few of you out there with this problem I had for me this was a way to get fully rid of them in less than 24 hours

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I totally agree about the Listerine and rubbing alcohol. I don't think it really makes a difference as to which flavor of Listerine is used. I used the Mint and it worked great. Then I used clear rubbing alcohol just for extra measure. I was surprised as to how well these work. Whoever came up with this remedy, THANKS!


I just got out of the bath after doing this and so far I can say it feels amazing to finally be free of the itch! I hope the blisters are quick to go away as well! Thank you so much!!


glad you guys found it helpful simple home remedy with most of the stuff you need already in your cabinets


I got bit by chiggers and oh lord does it hurt! so anyways I read up on them online and found out that they were probably gone from my scratching. But then today, when the bites on my ankles were bigger, I realized they must still be there and something had to be done. So I took my foot pumice and rubbed off all the sores, then covered the bottom of my feet in bacitracin (is that how you spell it??). So anyways, it hurts now and I wish I would've seen this earlier, but I've got this page bookmarked now so I'll know for next time (because trust me, it will happen again). I can't use any of these right now though...I don't think that salt water or nail polish or hairspray or rubbing alcohol is exactly what you're supposed to put on an open sore lol!


Your remedy of Listerine and rubbing alcohol worked. I added scrubbing with epsom salt before the listerine and Wow what a difference.
Thank you !!


ok Im going right now to try this, Im about to go crazy with the itch for 2 days now! Be back soon!


Just wanted to post that I finally figured out that what I have are chigger bites. So I realized that there is some lemon balm plant that I've been growing in a potted container. Took 5-6 sprigs and cut the leaves up into tiny pieces, basically made a tea bag out of a coffee filter, put that into hot water and let it steep like tea for a bit. I simply rubbed the tea on my bites and haven't itched since!!!!!!! Yay! Just wanted to share another remedy for the horrible itching.

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